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Resources for Stock Trading & Other Things.

Stock Trading


Stock Trading Knowledge Base

Which is the best online stock trading portal in India?

I want to enter the stock market and wish to know which online stock trading portal in India offers best services and features and also minimum brokerage with facility of zero balance account at no cost?

Which stock trading book is right for me?

Hi everyone, I'm very new to trading. I've started studying how to trade stocks and am already looking forward to reading a second book. I'm looking for an intermediate level book that emphasizes how to analyze companies, what tools to use to analyze them, and if possible, sites that are good for such analysis. What book do you recommend for me? Tx in advance.

I am looking for a realistic free on-line stock trading game, anyone know any good ones?

I am thinking about getting into trading stocks, but i have never done it before and i dont know much about it. I am wanting to try it out on games and simulators with fake money before i start investing my own cash.

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Stock Market


Stock Market Knowledge Base

What are the best stock market sectors for 2006?

What sectors of stock market are the best for 2006? Drug, Energy, Tech or what? Will it be a good year for stock?

What is the best site to practice for the stock market?

I want to learn about the stock market, and practice investing in the stock market. I've seen a lot of "Stock Market Game" websites on the internet; which is the best? (Preferably free!)

I have Absolutely NO experience in the stock market how should I and where should I start?

All right Im 14 years old and i know nothing about stocks or the stock market. Im a TOTAL noob. Tell me everything a newbie needs to know about starting in the stock market. Please.

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market online stock trading system thumbnail jpg
market online stock trading system thumbnail jpg
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The stock market gains as consumers pile on the debt.
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Marketing Knowledge Base


if i study an online marketing course would it help me get a good career? would i be able to do event planning? is marketing fun and do you meet alot of people?

How do I find marketing people in USA, who will work on commissions-only basis to market for IT consulting?

We are a 2 person start-up company. We have purchased a company with 10 years history, very good credit rating, and at zero employees, in NorthEast USA. Since we are tight on budget and are working as full time consultants ourselves, we are unable to market and expand the company. We were wondering if there are any websites/resources (besides posting an Ad on a jobs website) which we can explore to communicate to potential IT services marketing personnel in the NorthEast USA, to see if we can work on a commission-only basis initially. Once we start serving 2-3 clients and place a few consultants, we can afford to switch to a salary + commission option. This can be a great option for a marketing person who has contacts in the market but would like to work from home or work flex-time. Thank You!

What percentage of my marketing budget should I allocate for online marketing?

I have a writing and editing services company, and we currently have $4500 of our operating budget. We are planning to do direct mail marketing, advertisements in trade journals, and online marketing (pay-per-click, e-newsletters, etc). How much of my marketing budget should I allocate for online marketing?

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Future customer trends, consumers, marketing, products and services...
Red Baron - Marketing and Branding Tips.
How to make marketing easier and more productive.
structure your time when marketing your business
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Niche Marketing


Niche Marketing Knowledge Base

Target Niche marketing!?

Hello I am looking to do some niche marketing in my local area and would like to know if anyone knows of ways to obtain names of people who are in boat, RV, and snowmobile clubs/assocations. Also, looking to get information on registered snowmobiles, RV's, and boats in our area and new mothers in our county. All of this information used to be public record but with the HIPPA and other privacy laws a lot of what I used to be able to obtain is now secured information. Thanks for any input you have!

Niche marketing?

I'm planning on writing an eBook, and I've been doing some keyword research into a specific niche, and I've found several keywords with a KEI over 100. But when I type these keywords into Google, I can't seem to find anyone that is paying for advertisement. Is this normal with a super targeted niche? Or is it just a sign that there is really no market for this niche? A few things I've found: 1. There are several thousand people using these keywords. 2. There is quite a bit of free information on the subject, but this is common in most niche markets. 3. There have been several physical books written on the subject. Anyone think they can give me some advice here?

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Finding Profitable Website Topics Online - Niche Marketing
Finding your niche market for your small buisness
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joint ventures


joint ventures Knowledge Base

What are the Pro and cons of Joint ventures when doing international trade?

Joint ventures are becoming more and more common in today's high technology world. Discuss the pros and cons of this method of international trade. This is the question i have to answer for my homework assignment and i cant seem to answer it please help thanks

How to make International Joint Ventures successful?

How to make International Joint Ventures successful in terms of performance? When facing so many problems may occur.

How to find insurance companies for joint ventures?

How to find Insurance companies wanting to do a joint venture of a $100 million and up. not insurance brokers

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International Joint Ventures cover jpg
Robin J  Elliott  Joint Ventures
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Services Knowledge Base

How are Calpurnias church's services different than the church Scout normally goes to in To Kill a Mockingbird?

How are Calpurnia's church's services different than the church Scout normally goes to in To Kill a Mockingbird??

How long does the homebound services take to send out a teacher ?

My son's doctor has filled out an application for homebound services and its been a week already and there is no teacher sent to my home. How longer will it take them to send out a teacher ?

What sort of services should your company look for?

When your company purchase computers from a computer firm, what sort of service contract should it look for? What are the services you need for your company's PC?

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woodgate armed services honor roll hung in library october 28 1943.jpg
woodgate armed services honor roll hung in library october 28 1943.jpg
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L'il Fraser Collection - Services and cost of Australian Business...
Engineering Videos - Career
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